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Laser filters
A Disruptive Innovation.

The Light Convertor (LC), a laser filter device, will revolutionize the decontamination of air from bacteria, viruses, spores and allergen in confined spaces and environments world-wide. Targeting the expected USD 29 bn-market by 2021 the LC efficiently cracks and converts undesirable molecules in effluent gases with its patented high power laser technology.

A.L.E.P.H. (Amplification of Light Energy by Pulses with Harmonics) is a patented technology, which produces the reactions of cosmic nature in machines with a few decimeters in length called “Light Convertor” or “LC”. An LC generates an extremely high-energy light by emulating the mechanisms found in the cosmos and producing the same results.

Even though the electrical consumption of this device is very low, the energy of each single ultra short pulse of light is capable of breaking and rearranging any molecular bond in a given gas. As a result, only a few watts per hour are sufficient to transform 100 cubic meter of combustion gas and water vapor and produce 100 grams of pure amino acids, replicating the same known phenomena responsible for bringing life to our planet.

Since high-energy light can act on an infinite combination of molecules, LC applications are limitless.  This technology can be applied in a number of environmental sensitive areas such as waste-water treatment, transformation of greenhouse gases, fermentation products, solid pollutants and in the future maybe the spallation i.e. the retrieval of nuclear waste.

The photo-physical transmutation of pollutants into resources could be a change of paradigm for humanity as long as this technology remains accessible everywhere and for the benefit of all, as pressing environmental issues and global warming require introducing the LC technology at scale.

Today in a first industrial application LCs for purifying the air of bacteria, germs, viruses, spores and odors (BVO ) are produced in series by our manufacturing partner LOHR Industries in Strasbourg and Serbia.

In the sector of air depollution and cleaning, it represents a major disruptive technological change. Conventional filters can be replaced with a barrier of high energy pulsed light that annihilates all germs within a single passage through the LC tube.

Requiring only low maintenance and having no moving parts, this device is capable of giving the end user up to 90% in cost savings as compared to existing solutions. Energy efficiency characteristics are unprecedented: 1 Watt/hour is enough to decontaminate over 100 cubic meters of air. Following extensive tests and various certification requirements at top European laboratories and institutions, the Laser Filtration will set a new international standard.

There are further Applications of the INLUXINLIGHT Lightconvertor tested Successfully